The Before and After School Program

The before and after school program began as a natural growing process from
the daycare. We have about 100 children attending from the community and
the orphanage. In Bolivia, school is only a half day for students, this means young
children are often home alone until their parents return from work. Children are
also given a considerable amount of homework to do and many have parents
that were unable to attend school for very long and find it difficult to help
their children. The Before and After School Program provides the children with
tutors to help with homework , sports and activities to keep the children active,
and they also take part in our workshops, learning skills such as sewing, crafts,
making recycled paper, gardening and some of the older ones learn basic welding
techniques also.

The Workers

Most of our tutors are volunteers, they themselves are students at University and
volunteer a half or full day. They start the morning or afternoon session with a
devotional time with the children, a time to praise God for His blessings and to
share the message of Christ.

Our program coordinator is Aida, she began as a volunteer for one year and has
been with us now for several, she is almost finished her psychology degree and
brings good insight on how we can better help the children and their families.
We also have on staff a special needs teacher who helps those with learning
difficulties as well as teaching the teachers and parents how they can better help
the children to learn.

Some of the children live far from the centre, or have no one home at lunch time
so we offer a lunch program for those children. The families pay a nominal fee for
the program and a little extra if their child stays for lunch. The rest of the costs
are subsidized by donations.