Guarderia Moises


Ten years ago on June 21/2001 the daycare ‘Guarderia Moises’ was opened starting with less than 15 children. It has since grown to over 170. The ‘Guarderia Moises’ is more than just a daycare it is a center that works with the whole family. The idea of this project was first born when the administrators of the Stansberry Children’s Home asked the question ‘how can we help families stay together rather than just being the ones to pick up the pieces once things have fallen apart?’

This question was asked because the Stansberry Children’s Home was being solicited by parents on a weekly basis to receive their children, parents with no education, no resources, and who were at the end of their rope. Once their children were institutionalized, albeit in Stansberry or other children’s home, these same parents were then free from their obligations and quite often set out to start another family. Therefore the administration set out to address these needs. A place where these parents, quite often single parents, could leave their children during the day to look for work and become gainfully employed, and once employed, where parents were held accountable to be working. A place where family abuse could be addressed and dealt with and where parents are required to attend the workshops provided by the center to become better parents, and a place where parents who didn’t read or write could find time to learn and better themselves.

Construction and Growth

Construction of the ‘Guarderia Moises’ began in October of 2000 on a one acre piece of land adjacent to the home, that the Stanberry’s had at one time donated to a cooperative to begin a school. Because the school never materialized the land was returned to Stansberry and is now home to a project that helps 170 children representing over 100 families. The final phase was completed in 2005 with the help of many friends from all over the world. We feel very fortunate to have the infrastructure that enables us to work with the children and their families.

Current Programs

The daycare program consists of three major areas:

This area is divided into six groups starting with the baby room and finishing with a registered kindergarten. Each classroom has 3- 5 educators depending on the age and number of children.

This area is responsible for; coordinating the doctor and dentist visits that the state offers on a monthly basis, monitoring and evaluating each child´s physical development and communicating this information to the parents, administrating any meds the child requires with doctor and parental consent, giving workshops to the parents on the topics of nutrition and health which includes teaching both parents and children good oral hygiene. We also treat all staff and children for parasites twice a year and the children receive fluoride treatments every six months.

Social work:
Our social worker is always busy visiting; families that are looking to enter our programs, families that are already participating to monitor their progress and with cases of families problems when intervention is necessary. Under this area we also facilitate an adult literacy course to parents. The workshops which are given by the Social Worker and Psychologist are themes related to family planning and family violence.

In the daycare kitchen the noon meal for all of Stansberry is prepared which means more than 300 people. It is a lovely kitchen with an excellent staff working diligently to feed everyone.

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