Our Team

Charles and Cindy

Charles and Cindy are the administrators of the Stansberry Ministry. They first came to Santa Cruz, Bolivia with their four children in 1995-99, and then again 2000-02. Their first term was as Administrators/house parents. On their second term they came to begin construction of the daycare and then became the overall administrators of both the Home and the Daycare. After a
four year break in Canada, they came back again in 2006 and have been working together with the administrative team as the general administrators.

Lucy Salas de Saucedo

Lucy Salas de Saucedo is the director of the Guarderia Moises and part of the administrative team. Shec is married to Ona Saucedo, a pastor in the Mennonite church, and has five children, Danika (17), Jonathan (15), Johanika (6), Jordan (2), and Jatnil (4 months).

Alex and Julie

Alex and Julie Kozel are the assistant administrators of Stansberry. They moved to Santa Cruz in 2005 and worked for a year and a half as assistants to the house parents, then transitioned into their administrative role when the home adopted the cottage-style living in 2007. They have three children, Tatiana (8), Micah (4), and Cristian (2).